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Related post: Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:26:19 -0400 From: Vraxis Vraxis Subject: Pussyboy Chapter Three "My Long Weekend, Continued"Pussyboy 3 -- "My Long Weekend, Continued" By VraxisThis is the continuation of my story, "Pussyboy" which detailed my first sexual experience. So many of my readers kept asking for more stories about my sexual youth, so here we are. I do not condone pedophilia in any way. CONSENTING ADULTS ONLY. But I was a very precocious, very naughty boy in my youth. If you like this story, please don't hesitate to write me at I love hearing from my readers! So, without lolita girls almost nude further ado, here's Chapter Three of Pussyboy, "My Long Weekend." ENJOY! *********************************************Yoshi had just cum inside my ass and forced me to shoot my jizz onto my chest. 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After he and Yoshi nude young lolas teens dried me off, they took me back to my room. Grabbing the duffel bag Yoshi had brought with him, Steve pulled out a leather collar. "Yoshi brought it over. I think you should wear this. It shows off how sexy you are."He put the collar around my neck, and positioned the metal o-ring in front of my Adam's apple. "And to top it all off, I think you've more than deserved this," he smiled as he pulled out a bad company lolita nude new bottle of poppers with a chain around the top. Working the chain through the loop in my collar, he attached the top nude loli sites bottle to my neck. tiny teen lolita tit "This is all for you, so you can have your own whenever you want."I smiled and hugged them hot preteen model lolly both in thanks. "There's one more thing," Yoshi added as he moved around to face me. 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He connected all the chains and material together, and then locked it all into place with a small golden nude preteen sex lolitas padlock. "Now, you're secured. This will prevent you from getting too excited little lolita nymphet pics and wasting all your boyjuice too early. We want lolita girlie nude pics you to last!"Steve had picked up his camera and started taking pictures of me locked up in my chastity belt, Yoshi clasping my shoulders with a big smile on his face and pointing at the belt in victory. Then, looking at the clock by my bed, Steve said "let's put on the tape!"Yoshi went to his bag, brought out a new video tape and put it into my VCR. Steve sat me down on my bed in from of the television, Yoshi came up immediately behind me, and in short order the "show" started.The video was a little grainy, obviously a home-shot video, and it was Steve standing preteen hardcore lol bbs with a small asian boy. "This is Tahashi and he is 12 years old..."I watched as Steve (and later Yoshi, who came into the shot) stripped the young Japanese boy teen lolitas picture sharing down and slowly started to fondle his naked body. He spoke no English, so Yoshi was translating Steve's requests and encouragements to the boy. Tahashi had no pubes, but his uncut dick was long and slender and rapidly got hard under Steve's ministrations.Shortly, Steve placed his hard bald pussy lolita models cock in front of nn 100 lolita models the boy's mouth, and Tahashi slowly opened wide and took him in. The distortion on Tahashi's mouth was enormous, Steve's cock was clearly the biggest thing he'd ever put in his mouth, but Tahashi kept sucking. Yoshi put a bottle of poppers to the kid's nose and made him huff a hit. Then Steve grabbed the boy's head and started to pump his cock into the boy's small mouth and throat.My cock grew as hard as it could, considering the curve and restraint of the belt. Yoshi started whispering in my ear, "do you like that? We're going to be doing so much more with you." He reached down and started to fondle my exposed asshole, getting spit on his fingers and rubbing around the sphincter. I reached one hand down to rub the chastity belt, eager for ls magazine lolitas bbs any sensation to hit my cock, then reached lolita bbs blog preteen the preteen lolita art toplist other hand between my legs to join Yoshi in playing with my asshole."Uh-uh, little man," Yoshi chided as he knocked my hand away. "You can't play with yourself. Just enjoy the feeling." They he reached around to grab the poppers bottle dangling from my neck, opened it and made me take a hit.The poppers just made it worse for me. As my head started to swim, I watched on the TV as Steve started to cum best forbidden lolita models on Tahashi's face, coating lil lolita cock sucker the Japanese boy with jizz before cramming his cock back into the moaning boy's mouth. 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This was obviously one over-sexed 12 year old Japanese boy."Goddamn that kid was hot," Steve said next to me as he beat his meat to the video.There photo child lolita nude was a quick cut on the video, then Steve was lying down next to the boy, reaching between his legs and fingering his butthole, just like Yoshi was doing to me. Tahashi clearly liked it, so Steve started with another finger. I grabbed the poppers and prepared to take a hit, but Yoshi once again swatted my hand away."Naughty boy! I told you no pleasuring yourself. I guess there's only young little lolita pussy one way to keep you from breaking the rules!" Yoshi reached thumbnails sex lolita twink down into his bag and brought out a length of rope. "Help me, Steve."The two men quickly grabbed me and Yoshi started to bind me. My hands firmly behind my back, in no short order I was trussed up in full Japanese S&M style. Even my legs were spread apart by the pull of the ropes, so Yoshi still had unfettered access to xxx preteen angels lola my hole. I, on the other hand, could move nothing but my head.Once they were done, they stood up to review their handiwork. "That's hot," Steve added, grabbing the camera and taking photos. There I was, a 14 year old white boy with dirty blond hair, trussed loli lolicon image bbs up like a Tokyo whore and wearing a leather collar and leather and metal european teen lolita nothing chastity belt.Yoshi came up and started tweaking my nipples, his own hard-on bobbing in the air. He grabbed the poppers and made me take a huff. Then, as the poppers did their work again, the pushed me onto my back, exposing my hole completely. As the video played Steve's quickening finger-fuck of lolita top 100 underground the Japanese boy, Yoshi started to rim lolita img img board me again.I started moaning again, frustrated by my complete inability to pleasure myself, yet overwhelmed by the sensations I was pre lolitas russian virgins experiencing. Watching my first porn video of my lover fucking another young boy, feeling loli little tits nude a relative stranger licking my asshole, high little lolitas pussy com on poppers, I was moving into another realm of sexuality entirely. Suddenly, I felt Yoshi pull away young virgin lolita tgp from my ass. Looking down between my trussed, spread legs, Yoshi popped back into view holding an odd-shaped plastic device, shaped almost like a toothbrush, but with a thin rod topped by a mini model nude lolita slightly bulbous sun bbs lolitas preteens head. He flicked a switch and the device started to vibrate.He slowly fed the vibrator up young nude lolitas pics my ass, lolita little girls ls causing me to moan even louder. He moved it around quite a bit, pictures models lolitas kids as if looking for something. When he finally found my prostate, he kept the vibrator on that spot. My eyes rolled back into my head at the vibrating sensation deep in my ass."The camera's still rolling, right?" Yoshi asked, pressing more on the vibrator and my prostate.Steve, stroking hairy lolita pussy photos his cock hard and fast, nodded before he moved into position near my head. "Suck my cock, boy" he said before pushing his cock into my mouth.By this time I was going lolita pre teen erotica crazy from sexual stimulation without release. young preteen lolitas art My cock was oozing so much pre-cum that my chastity belt tube had grown slick and was starting to drip out of the grilled end i love naked lolitas of the tube. My prostate was being constantly stimulated now, and the poppers and the cock in my mouth had turned my entire body into a single exposed nerve.Steve suddenly popped out of my mouth and turned my head to the television. "This is where I really start to fuck him" he said.On the screen, I saw Steve splay young Tahashi's legs apart and move his bare cock into position at the boy's hole. Yoshi said something off-screen in Japanese, and Tahashi took another huff of poppers. Then Steve slammed his cock viciously into Tahashi's boycunt.Tahashi moaned heavily, but somehow managed to tolerate that much cock rammed into his body that roughly. Steve wasted no time on pleasantries and started fucking the boy with a fury. underage home lolitas site Yoshi brought the camera up above Tahashi's prone and sweating body. The boy had a look of furious pleasure, overwhelmed by what was happening to him. His little boycock was at full attention and trembling constantly from Steve's anal assault.I watched all of this with an increasing sensitivity. Yoshi had replaced the vibrator with another cock-shaped one that stimulated me even more. Steve kept bouncing his leaking cock on my lolita young preteen pedo face, leaving droplets of pre-cum behind. russiaqn teen model lolita And I still could not touch myself or do anything other than what Yoshi or Steve permitted.Back on the shy lolita bbs bbs video, Steve was nearing his climax. But before he could cum, Tahashi let out a wild scream. Yoshi turned the camera lolitas adultos que tetas back to the boy just in time to catch Tahashi's cock spew non nude lolita videos out a massive load onto his chest."Oh!" Yoshi yelled. "That's his first cum! You just made him russian teeny lolita angels cum for the first time!"The dual sensations of Tahashi's twitching asshole and the victory of giving the boy his first ejaculation was too much for Steve. He came inside the boy immediately afterward. He couldn't even pull his cock out so that the camera could see the shot as he came. He was too child kid lolita pussy focused on cumming inside the boy.Evidently, reliving that moment was too blog message board loli much for Steve too. After that scene played out, Steve grabbed my head and turned it back to face him. "I'm cumming. Catch it, Babyboy!"Steve's cock started spraying cum onto my face before I could put it into my mouth. Nothing got into my eyes, fortunately, but I got hit pretty good. Yoshi popped up from my anal torture to grab the camera and zoom in on my face. "You always cum so much, Steve" Yoshi said appreciatively.Suddenly there was a knock on the front door. Yoshi and Steve both turned to look at the clock on my nightstand. "Hah, I told you they'd be early" Steve said.Yoshi little lolita angles bbs nodded. "I'll go get the little bbs babes lolitas door." I stared wide-eyed (and cum-faced) at Steve. "Who's here?"Steve smiled lolita y o pics down on me as cum dripped from my face. "You'll see!"Shortly, Yoshi returned to the room with three young Vietnamese men. They were all wearing uniforms from a cleaning service, and when they saw me they all started smiling or gaping pure preeteen nude lolita in amazement."These are lolita girl art nonude my friends Ho, Tran, and Dinh. 1000 preteen lolita board I told them about you and they want to play with you too"I struggled in my bonds, growing totally nude females lolitas more nervous by the second. Steve stroked my hair gently. "You've already handled one, two, three men at a time. Yoshi and I thought we'd like red lagoon lolita bbs to see if you can handle FIVE."One little lolita oral preteen of the men, Tran, started taking his uniform off and stripping down. He revealed a lean muscular body with a pointed, angular unsenscored young lolitas nymphets hard cock."Let's see how he feels" he said lolita teen porn pictures as he grabbed my upturned ankles.<>Like this story? Please let me know at I'm always happy and eager to hear from my readers. Keep the letters coming!
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